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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> A Straightforward Method to Install Wiper Blades

A Straightforward Method to Install Wiper Blades

It is a nerve-racking for inexperienced people to change the Kia Auto Body Parts Online at home. It looks like a riddle to unlock the wiper arms, metal and rubbers. There are some auto stores which provide free services when you purchase a wiper blade. In fact, the process is straight-simple and anyone can perform it by little guidance.      

Find New Kia Car Models 2017? Though there is a wide range of wiper Arms styles but pin style is measured as the most difficult one.  It is suggested to check the Manual and find out which type of wiper blade is used in your car.

Here is step by step guideline for the Installation of new wiper blades:
  • First of all, get the measurement for wiper blade with the help of ruler or tape. It is normal if the wipers are uneven in size. The Subaru BRZ 2013 has used 22 inch blade for driver side and 20 inch blade for passenger side. Consequently, check the guidebook patiently to avoid complications.

  • Now, place the wiper blades in erect position. Switch on the wiper till you get the mid-swipe style. Turn off the blades immediately. In some cars, the wipers move back to initial position when the ignition is switched off. It is useful to remove one side wiper blade at a time.

  • Place the arm far from the windshield and revolve the blade. As the wiper arm is moved away, rotate the wiper so that blade becomes vertical to the arm. In some cars, a clip is used for rotation purpose.

  • Keep in access a towel so that the wiper arm can be cleaned instantly. The soft material is best to unsoiled the windshield and arms of blade.

  • Let loose the connector and drag the blade in descending order. In some vehicles, this step is a bit changed. You have to press on a button to free the blade or pull down the connectors. As soon as the blade is disengaged, tow down the blade from the strong hook. Try to complete the procedure in slow motion.

  • Place an uncovered hook on the windshield against the rag. As the wiper arm has spring therefore try to avoid the stripped metal hook to drop quickly. It may cause damage by hitting the glass or chinking the windshield. The rag is valuable as it defends the glass from uncertain etched. Sometimes, the wipers swipe but the presence of rag can handle the situation.

  • Pull the newly purchased connectors into the uncovered hook. The blades are pointed in the direction of windshield; glide the fresh wiper blade connectors within the hook. At the moment pull the blade softly in upward direction. Listen carefully the sound of a click for adjoining function. At times, the users have to direct the hook from side to side the blade before dragging up and attaching the connector with the given hook.

  • Presently the blades are secured thus lower down the wiper leisurely. Repeat the same process on the other wiper blade.
Last but not least, check out the wipers after completing the procedure. It is good to find out problems before going to a drive in smoggy weather.
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