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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> An Easier Procedure To Change Car Battery

An Easier Procedure To Change Car Battery

People need transportation service to move from one place to other. The Kia Automobile Models should be properly maintained to have the benefit of luxury drive. Car battery is considered one of the fundamental units. If battery expires, you cannot recharge it or move the car to service point. Whenever a battery is purchased, a special sticker is placed on the top of it. The sticker shows the year of purchase and total lifetime of battery. In order to avoid the deadly situation, save the time period of battery and change it before the expiry phase.

Most of the people prefer to hire the services of experts but you can replace the battery yourself. Though the battery is heavy in weight however it should be restored before it stops the function.

The Coupons for Kia Service is best for those who have know-how of car engine. You need a set of tools to get out the battery. Bring a flexible wrench, pair of gloves, couple of rags, baking soda, water, battery brush and protective goggles. Now, start the process cautiously by following the given procedure;

1.         First of all, turn off the automobile

2.         Check the brake set

3.         Find out the battery and remove the black color cable from the battery

4.         Wrench is required to untie the nuts

5.         Never use the screw driver as it can smash up the battery

6.         Make sure the battery tray is not wet

7.         Now remove the positive end with the same procedure1

8.     Use wire brush to spotless the connectors of battery cable

9.     Now, use a new battery and tight it with the clamp

10.     Bring anti-deterioration solution on terminal points

11.     Fix the positive or red cable of the battery

12.     At this instant, join the black colored negative cable

13.     Check all the connection properly

14.     Get a view of battery security by moving it back and onwards

15.     In case, the terminals of battery cables are moving; you cannot start the car because of frail electrical link

16.       Use the pair of gloves as the battery material is mordant in nature and should not be touched with the skin

17        Twirl and take out the cable. If you cannot remove it, bring a terminal puller to avert damage

18.       Ratchet, wrench and socket are needed to take out the battery clamp Hold up the battery carefully and do not touch the battery acid

19.     Wash the battery tray with the mixture of baking soda and water to clean the rust

The battery surrogate procedure is not complicated. If you have some experience of car work you are able to change the battery. Just purchase the required tools for safe transmission. Keep in mind, the old battery is useless but dangerous. It is wise to give it instantly to recycling centre otherwise it can become   a toy for kids. The useless batteries contain toxic and acidic material which is severely dangerous. Try to make a good use of old battery by sending it reprocessing centre. They utilize the Trash into new batteries.

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