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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> Best Ways to Take Away Snow And Ice from Vehicles

Best Ways to Take Away Snow And Ice from Vehicles

Just imagine! You have purchased a New Cars In Houston and have parked it outside the house. Unfortunately vicious snowstorm covers your car with four inches of hard snow. You want to clear the ice soon as possible and go to the supermarket to purchase food items. In such a terrible condition, do not use damaging tools to get rid of snow since these can scratch the paint. Don’t use handcrafted broom for sweeping because it will damage the car as well. The shovels and nylon brushes should not be used. The use of nylon brush makes scratches which are clearly visible in day light. The only safe and secure tool is foam brush. The freeze resistant, polyethylene sponge, nonabrasive with plastic plate should be used to protect the vehicle surface.

How To Protect The Automobiles From the Effects of Snow?

The improper snow can damage the car and causes graze. The situation varies depending on the nature of snow storm. SnoBrum is famous tool that can wipe out 46 inches snow easily, therefore use it as maximum as it is possible. The procedure should be taken in a straight line. Start the work from the upper side of the vehicle to down side. Now remove the snow from hood trunk area. The window glass and windshield include hard area; therefore clean it without any hesitation. The chances of mishap can be eliminated by reducing the contact between the brush and the car. The owner of Mr. Sparkle Detailing, Bryan Burgess says that we never remove the last inch of snow from car. The better way is to take out the majority of snow with the help of a brush. The remaining ice can be melted through engine heat and sunlight. Eco Touch Premium Car states that in the absence of foam brush use your hand. Hands are the natural best tools to keep the vehicle save from scratches. Wear leather gloves to avoid the direct contact with ice. It is true that hand cannot eradicate more snow as compared to foam brush.

It is more recommended to use a car cover because a little investment can save the vehicle from the weather effects. More probably the cover cannot be removed easily in heavy snow. You can apply a little coat of wax to save the paint from scratches. The spokesman of Southern California (bases wax) Jim Dvorak stresses the need of planning before getting the prevention. The traditional wax like California Gold Synthetic Wax or Mother California Gold Brazilian CarNauba Wax is the perfect remedy before the start of winter season. Invest up to seventy dollars and purchase a reliable product.

If the weather is hot, a wax spray or a car wash is enough to get rid of the material. On the other hand, the interior of a car can be secluded by using high quality mats. Try to vacuum the car on routine basis and take a great care of vehicle from water effects, rusting and stains. The inner and outer sides of windows are required to be clean to curtail the fog. 

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