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Changing Flat Tires of Kia Cars

For a driver, the moment where the car tire goes flat is really quite annoying and if they do not know how replace the flat tire or tires; it can get even more frustrating. A Kia vehicle does not only have a compact spare tire in it, but even has the space for the storage of tools which are necessary for change flat tires, but they could only be used if a person knows how to change flat tires.

Jacking instructions

The jack is provided with a Kia Car for emergency tire changing only. Follow jacking instructions to reduce the possibility of personal injury.

Never attempt Kia vehicle repairs in the traffic lanes of a public road or highway. Always move the vehicle completely off the road and onto the shoulder before trying to change a tire. The jack should be used on level firm ground. If you cannot find a firm, level place off the road, call a towing service company for assistance. Be sure to use the correct front and rear jacking positions on the Kia vehicle; never use the bumpers or any other part of the vehicle for jack support.

The Kia vehicle can easily roll off the jack causing serious injury or death. No person should place any portion of their body under a Kia vehicle that is supported only by a jack; use vehicle support stands. Do not start or run the engine while the Kia vehicle is on the jack. Do not allow anyone to remain in the vehicle while it is on the jack. Make sure any children present are in a secure place away from the road and from the Kia vehicle to be raised with the jack.

Tire replacement

Park on a level surface and apply the parking brake firmly. Shift the shift lever into R (Reverse) with manual transaxle or P (Park) with automatic transaxle. Activate the hazard warning flasher of the Kia car. Remove the wheel lug nut wrench, jack, jack handle, and spare tire from the Kia vehicle. Block both the front and rear of the wheel that is diagonally opposite the jack position.

Loosen the wheel lug nuts of Kia car counter clockwise one turn each, but do not remove any nut until the tire has been raised off the ground. Place the jack at the front or rear jacking position closest to the tire, of Kia car, you are changing. Place the jack at the designated locations under the frame. The jacking positions are plates welded to the frame with two tabs and a raised dot to index with the jack.

Insert the jack handle into the jack and turn it clockwise, raising the vehicle until the tire just clears the ground. Remove the lug nuts of the wheel with counter clockwise turning, and then install the lug nuts once the spare tire is mounted in place of the flat one. Once the wheel lug nuts of the Kia car have been tightened, lower the vehicle fully to the ground and continue to tighten the lug nuts until they are fully secured. Tighten the wheel lug nuts firmly in a “star” pattern.

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