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Child Restraining System in Kia Car

Never allow a shoulder belt to be in contact with a childs neck or face while the vehicle is in motion. If safety belts are not properly worn and adjusted, there is a risk of death or serious injury to such a child. 

Child restraint system  

For small children and babies, the use of a child seat or infant seat in a Kia vehicle is strongly recommended and is required by law in almost all states. This child seat or infant seat should be of appropriate size for the child and should be installed in accordance with the Kia manufacturer’s instructions. Child restraint systems are designed to be secured in a Kia vehicle seats by lap belts or the lap belt portion of a lap/shoulder belt or by a LATCH system. 

Children could be injured or killed in a crash if their restraints are not properly secured. For small children and babies, a child seat or infant seat must be used. Before buying a particular child restraint system, make sure it fits your Kia car and seat belts, and fits your child. Follow all the instructions provided by the child seat manufacturer when installing the child restraint system. 

A child restraint system must be placed in the rear seat. Never install a child or infant seat on the front passengers seat. Should an accident occur and cause the passenger airbag to deploy, it could severely injure or kill an infant or child seated. 

Since a safety belt or child restraint system can become very hot if it is in a closed Kia vehicle, be sure to check the seat cover and buckles before placing a child there. When the child restraint system is not in use, store it in the trunk of the Kia Automobile Dealerships or fasten it with a safety belt so that it will not be thrown forward in the case of a sudden stop or an accident. Children who are too large to be in a child restraint should sit in the rear seat and be restrained with the available lap/shoulder belts. 

Installing a child restraint system  

For safety reasons, we recommend that the child restraint system be used in the rear seats of the Kia car. Never place a rear-facing child restraint in the front passenger seat, because of the danger that an inflating passenger side air bag could impact the rear-facing child restraint and kill the child.

When using the vehicles LATCH system to install a child restraint system in the rear seat, all unused vehicle rear seat belt metal latch plates or tabs must be latched securely in their seat belt buckles and the seat belt webbing must be retracted behind the child restraint to prevent the child from reaching and taking hold of unretracted seat belts. Unlatched metal latch plates or tabs may allow the child to reach the unretracted seat belts which may result in strangulation and a serious injury or death to the child in the child restraint.

For a child to safely travel in a Kia vehicle it is important that a child safety system is present and is in perfect working order.

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