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Driving Tips for Teenagers for Safety

There can be argument on the fact that teenager drivers may be reckless and they have been found to create more auto accidents than any other age group. However, that does not mean that you should be restricted from driving. However, you need to be extra careful on the road if you want to have the freedom to drive anywhere that you want. Keep yourself safe on the road through some of the tips which are mentioned in this article.


You should keep your cell phone switched off while you are driving. Numerous studies have shown that using cell phone while driving equals to driving drunk. This is just not the case when people are using a hands-free phone. In fact, some states have prohibited the use of phones while driving. 


While you are driving, do not text at all because it can allow you to lose attention for at least five seconds, which means that something can possibly go wrong within those five seconds. Some people may text when they have stopped but some states also forbid that. Even if you are stuck on the red light, you might not notice developments that may occur when your head is down texting. 


Ensure that you always keep the headlights on even if it is sunny because it helps visibility of your car. Furthermore, speed is definitely an issue when it comes to teenage accidents. In fact, speeding causes around 40% of the fatal teen accidents, especially when you are driving in a congested area or when you are driving in an unfamiliar place. Ensure your well being by keeping to the safe speed limit. Keep away from costly traffic tickets since it can increase the amount of insurance premium that you have to pay. 


Keep distractions to a minimal while you are driving such as eating, or listening to songs while you are driving. This is because it can simply cause your mind to wander, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. 


A single teen passenger can increase the risk of causing a car accident. However, if there is more than one teenager, then the risk can actually increase. Have possible escape routes in mind and be aware of the traffic which is ahead of you and behind you. You need to remember to maintain a buffer zone with faster speeds. Keep one car distance behind a car when driving in slower speeds.


It is always best to choose a safe car which means having a car that has the latest safety equipment such as electronic stability control, airbags and anti-lock brakes. Also check out the crash safety records of the cars.

It is important to practice defensive driving, keeping these safety tips in mind if you are to become an excellent and careful driver. You would not become a teenager who would be added to the driver accident statistic if you keep these tips from your mind carefully.

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