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Driving Tips of Kia Car

Vehicles like Kia certainly offer reliability and efficiency when they are being driven and almost every other driver is satisfied by driving their Latest Kia Cars in Houston,TX. Nonetheless it would never really hurt to gain a few driving tips in order to further enhance the drivability of a Kia vehicle and here we offer such tips.

FUEL REQUIREMENTS - Gasoline engine (unleaded)

A brand new Kia vehicle is designed to use only unleaded fuel with a minimum Octane Rating of 87 AntiKnock Index (AKI).


The emission control system of the Kia automobile is covered by a written limited warranty. Please see the warranty information contained in the Warranty & Consumer Information Manual of the Kia car.

BEFORE DRIVING - Before entering vehicle:

Be sure that all windows, outside mirror(s), and outside lights are clean. Check the condition of the tires. Check under the Kia vehicle for any sign of leaks. Be sure there are no obstacles behind you if you intend to back up.

Necessary inspections:

Fluid levels, such as engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid of the Kia car should be checked on a regular basis, with the exact interval depending on the fluid.

Driving at night 

Because night driving presents more hazards than driving in the daylight, here are some important tips to remember:

Slow down and keep more distance between you and other vehicles, as it may be more difficult to see at night, especially in areas where there may not be any street lights. Adjust your mirrors to reduce the glare from other drivers headlights. Keep your headlights clean and properly aimed on vehicles not equipped with the automatic headlight aiming feature. Dirty or improperly aimed headlights will make it much more difficult to see at night. Avoid staring directly at the headlights of oncoming vehicles. You could be temporarily blinded, and it will take several seconds for your eyes to readjust to the darkness.

Driving in the rain 

Rain and wet roads can make driving dangerous, especially if you’re not prepared for the slick pavement.

Here are a few things to consider when driving in the rain:

A heavy rainfall will make it harder to see and will increase the distance is needed to stop your Cheapest Kia Car in Houston,TX, so slow down. Always keeps the windshield wiping equipment of the Kia automobile in good shape. Replace your windshield wiper blades when they show signs of streaking or missing areas on the windshield. If your tires are not in good condition, making a quick stop on wet pavement can cause a skid and possibly lead to an accident. Be sure your tires are in good shape. Turn on your headlights to make it easier for others to see you. Driving the Kia car too fast through large puddles can affect your brakes. If you must go through puddles, try to drive through them slowly. If you believe you may have gotten your brakes wet, apply them lightly while driving until normal braking operation returns.

Thus, before a Kia car owner actually just begins driving his vehicle right after purchasing it, it is rather wise to take notice of tips such as these.

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