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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> Driving Uphill and Downhill in Kia Cars

Driving Uphill and Downhill in Kia Cars

Off-road driving often takes you up, down, or across a hill. Driving safely on hills requires excellent judgment and an understanding of what your Kia vehicle can and cant do. There are some hills that simply should not be driven. Kia Cars And Prices

Approaching a hill 

When you approach a hill, you need to decide if its one of those hills that are just too steep to climb, descend, or cross. Steepness can be difficult to judge. On a very small hill, for example, there may be a smooth, constant incline with only a small change in elevation where you can easily see all the way to the top. On a large hill, the incline may get steeper as you near the top, but you may not see this because the crest of the hill is hidden by bushes, grass, or shrubs. 

Driving uphill 

Once you decide you can safely drive up the hill in Kia car, you need to take some special steps. Use a low gear and get a firm grip on the steering wheel. Get a smooth start up the hill and try to maintain your speed. Dont use more power than you need, because you dont want your wheels to start spinning or sliding. Try to drive the Kia vehicle straight up the hill, if at all possible. If the path twists and turns, you may have to find another route. Slow down the Kia automobile as you approach the top of the hill. Attach a flag to the vehicle to make you more visible to approaching traffic on trails or hills. Sound the horn of your Kia car as you approach the top of the hill to let opposing traffic know you are there. Use your headlights even during the day. They make you more visible to other drivers. 

Driving downhill 

Going downhill in a Kia Cars Models And Prices in Houston,TX can be considerably more dangerous than driving uphill. When off-roading takes you downhill, you will want to consider many of the same things you thought about before you went uphill. As a brief reminder, those include: 

How steep is the downhill? Will I be able to maintain the Kia vehicle control? Whats the surface like? Smooth? Rough? Slippery? Hard-packed dirt? Gravel? Are there hidden surface obstacles? Ruts? Logs? Boulders? Whats at the bottom of the hill? Is there a hidden creek bank or even a river bottom with large rocks? Have changes in the weather conditions and their effect on the terrain since you went uphill made your task more difficult? Once you have decided that you can go down a hill safely with your Kia vehicle, try to keep your Kia vehicle headed straight down, and use a low gear. This way, engine braking can help your brakes so they wont have to do all the work. Descend slowly, keeping your vehicle under control at all times. 

Driving across an incline 

Sooner or later, an off-road trail will probably go across the incline of a hill. If this happens, you have to decide whether or not to try to drive in your Kia across the incline.

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