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Driving a Kia Car

Whenever a door of the Kia is opened, the ignition switch will be illuminated for your convenience, provided the ignition switch is not in the ON position. The light will go off approximately 10 seconds after closing the door or when the ignition switch is turned on. The warning lights of the Kia car can be checked before the engine is started. This is the normal running position after the engine is started. Do not leave the ignition switch ON if the engine is not running to prevent battery discharge.

START Illuminated ignition switch  

Turn the ignition key to the START position to start the engine of the Kia Car. The engine will crank until you release the key; then it returns to the ON position. The brake warning lamp can be checked in this position. When turning the ignition switch to the LOCK position, the shift lever must be in the P (Park) position.

Automatic transaxle operation  

All normal forward driving of the New Kia Vehicles is done with the shift lever in the D (Drive) position. To move the shift lever from the P (Park) position, the brake pedal must be depressed and the lock release button must be depressed. 

The R (reverse) of the Kia vehicle can be used position to drive the vehicle backward. In N (neutral), the wheels and transaxle are not locked. The vehicle will roll freely even on the slightest incline unless the parking brake or service brakes are applied. 

Sports mode 

Upshifts take place automatically in sports mode. However, the driver must execute upshifts of the Kia vehicle in accordance with road conditions, taking care to keep the engine speed below the red zone because upshifts take place at the higher engine rpm. In sports mode, only the four forward gears can be selected. To reverse or park the Kia vehicle, move the shift lever to the “R” or “P” position as required. In sports mode, downshifts are made automatically when the vehicle slows down. When the vehicle stops, 1st gear is automatically selected. In sports mode, when the engine rpm of the Kia vehicle approaches the red zone shift points are varied to upshift automatically. 

Snow mode 

When taking off from a standstill on a slippery road, push the shift lever forward into the + (up) position. This causes the transaxle to shift into the 2nd gear which is better for smooth driving on a slippery road. Push the shift lever to the - (down) side to shift back to the 1st gear. 

Ignition key interlock system 

The ignition key cannot be removed unless the shift lever is in the P (Park) position. If the ignition switch is in any other position, the key cannot be removed. 

With so many features and modes, driving a Kia vehicle is certainly quite ideal. In fact, a driver gets to experience quite a variety of driving experiences when driving their Kia vehicle in the different modes available, under different conditions. Thus, for users who are look for convenience and a truly distinct driving experience, driving their Kia vehicles using the numerous features and different modes, would be really quite ideal.

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