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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> Driving a Kia Car in Specific Weather Conditions and Terrains

Driving a Kia Car in Specific Weather Conditions and Terrains

Kia automobile are specifically designed so that they would be drivable and controllable even when being driven in particular weather conditions or over a variety of terrains. In fact the Kia vehicles are all tested for this before they are manufactured. On the other hand, not all drivers are skilled and experienced to drive in any weather conditions or over different terrains and so in such conditions they do not know how to handle and control their Kia Auto Body Parts. Here we mention what drivers could actually do if they were driving their Kia car during specific weather or over particular terrain.

Snow tires

If you mount snow tires on your Kia, make sure they are radial tires of the same size and load range as the original tires. Mount snow tires on all four wheels to balance your Kia vehicle’s handling in all weather conditions. Keep in mind that the traction provided by snow tires on dry roads may not be as high as your vehicles original equipment tires. You should drive cautiously even when the roads are clear. Check with the tire dealer for maximum speed recommendations. 

Driving on snow- or Ice-covered roads (4WD LOCK for full-time 4WD Kia operation)

Use snow tires. Keep an adequate distance between yourself and other vehicles. Avoid sudden braking, acceleration or steering. These actions can cause your Kia vehicle to lose traction. 

Driving in sand or mud (4WD LOCK for full-time 4WD operation)

Avoid sudden braking, acceleration or steering. These actions can cause your Kia vehicle to get stuck in the sand or mud. Drive at low speeds whenever possible. You may need to get out of your Kia vehicle at times to check road conditions. If you get stuck in the sand or mud, try placing stones, wood or other similar materials under the tires to get traction, or move forward and backward repeatedly to get unstuck. 

Driving on a hill ( 4WD LOCK for full-time 4WD operation

Use low gear when going uphill or downhill and avoid sudden braking. Do not shift gears or use your Kia car clutch when going downhill. Do not coast downhill in Neutral. 

Crossing a ditch (4WD LOCK for full-time 4WD operation)

Avoid driving through ditches if possible, especially if there is water in the ditch. Your vehicle may stall if the electrical system gets wet. If you must cross a ditch, select the 4WD LOCK mode of the Kia vehicle. Avoid driving where the water level is higher than the bottom of the wheel hub. If the water level rises above this mark, your vehicle will need to be serviced. Tap lightly on the brake pedal of the Kia car during and after driving through water. This will help keep the brakes dry and in proper working order. Do not shift gears while crossing a ditch. 

Traveling to remote areas

It makes sense to plan your trip, especially when going to a remote area. Know the terrain and plan your route. You are much less likely to encounter unwanted surprises when going off road with your Kia automobile.

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