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Five Reasons of Car Vibration

If you have a car for a long time, there are chances that it will develop problems and the most common one is the vibration problem. Getting the vibration issue resolved can be cheaper and simpler which could involve a tire balance or rotation or it can be a serious auto problem which can involve greater repair costs such as suspension issues or steering. Diagnosing auto vibration problems can be a hassle however; getting the issue resolved in the early stages will help in reduce repair bills. However, if you want to prevent those conditions which lead to car vibration, then following mentioned are the reasons which can be considered.

1) Engine related problems: Many times a shudder or shake originates from the engine compartment which may be due to lack of ventilation, spark or fuel. Symptoms of this situation includes:

o    - Jerking or shudder occurs in case of acceleration.

o    - The engine starts and drives well for some time and then starts to shake.

o    - Occurrence of staccato shaking or rumble strip in a specific range of speed.

If you find these symptoms in your kia car, then try changing the spark plug. In case the plugs are fine, check the wires as to whether they are connected properly or needs replacement. In addition to this, a clogged fuel filter or a dirty air filter can also lead the engine to starve. Getting these areas cleaned or replaced regularly will help in avoiding car vibration problems.

2) Axle related problems: Cars comprises of rotating and reciprocating parts that have been aligned within certain measurement or tolerances in order to function properly. If the vehicle faces a mishap or collision, the axle will get bent which is another reason of vibration. Another related issue pertains to the inspection of the driveshaft. Weared-out constant velocity (CV) also lies within the same category. Unevenness of the axles can be a reason of vehicle shakes so get them checked on regular basis.

3) Brake issues: If car vibrations occur when you apply the brakes, then most probably the reason for vibration is warped brake rotors. Due to intense wear and tear, the rotor can lose its shape. Get your brakes examined by a brake specialist so as to determine the problem area as well as understand the condition of brake drums and the rotors of the car.

4) Wobbly wheels: If the car is vibrating from the steering wheel then there are chances that one or more wheels are suffering from excessive wobbliness. Under such conditions, replacing the wheel bearings might be a solution. Another aspect to consider is to look for the runout which is the deviation of the wheel from a perfect circular rotation when it is spun. Ball joints or tie-rod ends are other reasons of wobbly wheels. When tracking the reasons for car vibration, wheels come out to be the most common culprit.

5) Tire issues: The reasons why tires are associated with the shuddering and shaking of the car are:

o    - The tires have separated treads which require replacement.

o    - The car tends to vibrate at certain speed levels which require tire balancing.

o    - Tires are not round and roll in an uneven manner and require replacement.

o    - Tire wear is uneven which requires tire rotation.

These are some car care tips from Houston kia car dealers.

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