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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> How Lives are saved with KIA Car Airbags

How Lives are saved with KIA Car Airbags

When driving, everyone should be concerned about safety. In fact the rate of death and injuries since after the year 1980 were reduced due to the fact that airbags had been invented. The technology of the airbags of today is and rapidly evolving and they become an essential part of every vehicle manufactured these days, including kia automobile models to know more visit at westsidekia.

The front driver and passenger airbags are the ones which most drivers are familiar with. The steering and the dashboard of the Kia vehicle is where these two air bags are present, respectively. These air bags inflate when the Kia car sensors send a signal to the air bag system during a car crash or accident. In approximately one twentieth of a second, gas fills up in the airbag and that is what causes it to inflate. During a Kia vehicle accident, rather than crashing into the windshield, the collision is cushioned due to the presence of the airbags. In the latest Kia models, the air which fills up the air bags is control depending on how severe the accident actually is. Thus, any risk of injury is reduced, so the driver and the passengers are all properly protected due to the presence of the air bags.

In Kia automobiles, side airbags are also quite common. During side impact crashes, the head and chest of the people present in the Kia vehicle are protected because of these airbags. The doors, seats, or the roof of the Kia automobile are the ideal places where these air bags can be hidden. In Kia vehicles, it is not stated by the law that side airbags should essentially be present. Yet, having side head airbags can reduce the serious damage which can be caused during an accident.

In the auto industry, each and every day new airbag technology is being tested and developed. Knee airbags happen to be the most recent innovation in the airbag technology. During a car accident people tend to slide forward, so the knee airbag in a Kia vehicle would prevent that from happening and also keep a person’s lower body protected. To protect people riding in a Kia vehicle from side collisions, rear center airbags and rear curtain airbags have also been developed.

Thus during a Kia automobile accident, the airbags present in the car would certainly prove to be life savers. It has been noted that the rate of crash fatalities and severe injuries have been reduced ever since airbags had been developed and installed into vehicles, such as those from Kia. In fact, to ensure a much higher protection and safety, people should combine the use of seat belts and airbags. Safety is in fact become quite a huge concern for everyone, since the amount of automobiles, including types of Kia cars is rapidly increasing. Thus to protect the driver and the passengers in a Kia vehicle during a car crash or accident, the car should definitely be equipped with an airbags. Generally, all modern Kia vehicles which are being manufactured have airbags installed in them and are therefore safe to be driven.

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