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Kia Car Maintenance

Kia New Cars For Sale owners should certainly be extremely careful that no damage is caused to their car and to actually take proper care of their vehicle, there are actually a lot of maintenance procedures which they should follow.

Engine Oil And Filter

The engine oil and filter should be changed at the intervals specified in the maintenance schedule. If the car is being driven in extreme conditions, more frequent filter and oil changes are required.

Drive Belts 

Check all drive belts for traces of cuts, cracks, excessive wear or oil saturation and replace if important. Drive belts should be checked regularly for proper tension and adjusted as necessary.

Fuel Filter (Cartridge)

A clogged filter can limit the speed at which the vehicle may be driven, damage the emission system and cause multiple issues such as hard starting. If an excessive amount of foreign matter accumulates in the fuel tank, the filter may require replacement more frequently. After installing a new filter, run the engine for several minutes, and check for leaks at the connections. Fuel filters should be installed by an authorized KIA dealer.

Fuel Lines, Fuel Hoses And Connections

Check the fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections for leakage and damage. Have an authorized KIA dealer replace any damaged or leaking parts immediately.

Air Cleaner Filter

A Genuine KIA air cleaner filter is recommended when the filter is replaced.

Spark Plugs

Make sure to install new spark plugs of the correct heat range.

Valve Clearance

Inspect excessive valve noise and/or engine vibration and adjust if necessary. An authorized KIA dealer should perform the operation.

Automatic Transaxle Fluid 

The fluid level should be in the "HOT" range of the dipstick, after the engine and transaxle are at normal operating temperature. Check the automatic transaxle fluid level with the engine running and the transaxle in neutral, with the parking brake properly applied.

Brake Fluid

Check brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. The level should be between “MIN” and “MAX” marks on the side of the reservoir. Use only hydraulic brake fluid conforming to DOT 3 or DOT 4 specification.

These were in fact mere examples of what kind of maintenance could be required for a Kia vehicle. Maintenance of a Kia vehicle is entirely the responsibility of the owner and not taking care proper care of the care would only mean that its condition would deteriorate and get degraded, also reducing the value.

Maintenance which could be required by a Kia automobile could range from difficult procedures to really simple tasks, all of which would have to be carried out specific over a period of time. Keep a Kia vehicle well maintained would ensure that its runs efficiently and never break down or cause problems. Not taking care of the Kia car could result in the opposite. Thus, for those are actually vehicle enthusiasts would always be more than willing to carry out the regular maintenance of their Kia vehicle and there would much more tasks involved than all those that we mentioned here.

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