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Kia Car Maintenance Precautions

Your new Kia has been designed to have minimum maintenance requirements with longer service intervals to save you both time and money. However, some day-to-day and regular maintenance is essential to maintain your Kia s good mechanical condition, as well as its emission and engine performance. It is the owner s responsibility to make sure that the scheduled maintenance, as well as general maintenance, is performed.

Park the Kia Car on a level surface, apply the parking brake securely and block the wheels to prevent the Kia vehicle from moving. For manual transmission models, move the shift lever to N (Neutral). For CVT models, move the selector lever to P (Park). Be sure the ignition key is in the OFF or LOCK position when performing any parts replacement or repairs on a Kia vehicle. Never leave the engine or the CVT related component harness connector of a Kia vehicle disconnected while the ignition switch is in the ON position. Never connect or disconnect the battery or any transistorized component while the ignition switch is in the ON position. Your Kia vehicle is equipped with an automatic engine cooling fan. It may come on at any time without warning, even if the ignition key is in the OFF position and the engine is not running. To avoid injury, always disconnect the negative battery cable before working near the fan of a Kia vehicle.

If you must work with the engine of the Kia vehicle running, keep your hands, clothing, hair and tools away from moving fans, belts and any other moving parts. It is advisable to secure or remove any loose clothing and remove any jewelry, such as rings, watches, etc. before working on your Kia vehicle. Always wear eye protection whenever you work on your Kia vehicle. If it is necessary to work under the Kia vehicle, support it with safety stands. Keep smoking materials, flame and sparks away from the fuel tank and battery. On gasoline engine models with the multiport fuel injection (MFI) system, the fuel filter or fuel lines should be serviced by a Kia dealer because the fuel lines are under high pressure even when the engine is off.

Use only new fluid from a sealed container. Old, inferior or contaminated fluid may damage the brake and clutch systems of the Kia vehicle. The use of improper fluids can damage the brake system and affect the Kia vehicle’s stopping ability. Be sure to clean the filler cap before removing. Do not spill the fluid on any painted surfaces. This will damage the paint. If fluid is spilled, immediately wash the surface with water. Do not substitute engine anti-freeze coolant for window washer solution. This may result in damage to the paint. Aiming is not necessary after replacing the bulb. When aiming, adjustment is necessary, contact a Kia dealer. Do not leave the headlight assembly open without a bulb installed for a long period of time. Dust, moisture, smoke, etc. entering the headlight body may affect bulb performance. Remove the bulb from the headlight assembly just before a replacement bulb is installed in the Kia vehicle.

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