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The Easy Ways to Check the Tire Leak

The car tires have a limited lifetime, so it is impractical to use tires without noticing the damages. It is good to keep on checking the tires for leakage to enjoy the trouble free journey. If the tires are checked and repaired on time, it will be used for maximum time span. Here are the 5 best techniques to diagnose the tire leak:

  • Pressure of Tire:

The foremost strategy for tire check is pressure. Use a tire inflation gauge and observe the air pressure. Slow leakage cannot be discovered in any other way except the inflation gauge. It is noteworthy that air pressure drops in winter season due to fall in temperature. However, if the tire shows less pressure on a continuous basis, there are chances that there is leaking. Remove the tire immediately. Use the spare tire and repair the leaked tire as well.

  • Examine the Tire:

Pressure check is the best way, but you have to observe the treads, beads and sidewalls with a magnifying glass. If there is any spot, encircle it with a white marker.

  • Re-inflate The Tire to Check the Leakage:

Purchase an air pump or air compressor to re-inflate the leaked tire. Listen carefully if there is a sound of air or hissing. If yes, it means the tire is punctured. Now, find out the exact spot of leakage. It is better to take a start from the white marked spot.

  • Find Out the Tire Leakage Through Bubbles:

Bring out a window cleaner or spray cleaner to check the tire leakage. Spray it in the region of tire tread by covering almost 1/6 circumference when you view the bubbles, encircles that area. The marked area will show that there is a leakage. Get the assistant of technician and repair the wheel.

  • Plug The Tire for Repair

In case, the tire leakage is a small hole, it can be fixed easily with a tire plug. The object can be removed with grip pliers. Now make a hole with the help of tire reamer and put in the tire plug.

Now make another round around it with a prominent marker. Until the sidewalls and tread are in good state, you are able to get the services of tire mechanics to make an internal patch. On the other hand, if the tread of the tire is visible or the sidewalls are spoiled, you have to throw away the tire and purchase a new one. Try to purchase a new top-notch quality tire for regular use; however you can repair it for emergency use as a spare tire.

It is important to keep on checking the air pressure and tire leakage on a monthly basis. Additionally, the fall and winter season have changed in temperature, so observe the tires on a weekly basis in these seasons. It is our priority to give comfort to users by sharing the most authentic ways for tire puncture. In case of any query, you are welcome to discuss your issue online or through landline numbers.

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