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The Features of KIA KNine Hundred Model

KIA has introduced a luxury rear-wheel vehicle, which is available for first drive. It is a full size comfortable sedan which has attracted the car lovers. Kia has planned to launch V8 and V6 versions of this vehicle within a few months. The initial price is 60,400 dollars, which includes the destination charges as well. The admiring features of V8 model is the use of LED headlights that are prone to give natural beam of light. Each fit has four LEDs with 12 degree motion range. The 5.0 liter engine has capability of 420 horse power and 376 pounds of torque. No doubt, it is the first 8-speed automatic transmission car and introduces without paddle shifters.

This model has not used air suspension but has selected completely independent rear and front multilink system. It offers a simple procedure for maintenance. The quality ride, inexpensive rate and comfortable drive are the specific features of kia k900 car. The representatives of KIA have not included the car in sporty versions because KIA is specially designed to get a relaxed dive. The rolling of body is noticeable on up and down road. The instant steering change is highly comfortable. There are different types of drive models in this car which are:

  1. Normal drive
  2. Eco drive
  3. Sport drive
  4. Snow drive

The engineers of KIA state that their focus was to design an isolated cabin. A belly pan is used on underbody plus superfluous insulation is introduced and laminated front is designed to minimize the road noise.

K 900 was shown in an Auto Show and spectator declared it as partial luxury car. The traditional touch points are covered with soft leather. The silver colored plastic trim should be located a bit upscale. The plastic controller for multimedia looks fragile, however the use of VIP package is really remarkable. The navigation system setting, cruise control system, blind spot caution and speed alarm are the admiring characteristics. The display is invisible if you are using polarized sun glasses. The back seats are spacious with 38.2 inches for leg room and similar area for head room. It is funny but true that back seats are more

comfortable then front seats. The VIP package is containing rear climate control and ventilated rear seats. Power reclining and use of power lumber are valuable additions. There is a charging port in the center place or arm rest. The KIA understands the history of non luxury developers of car which are struggling to come in this circle. KIA doesn’t want to introduce a luxury car at cheap rate, yet KIA is interested to bring a change in brand perception. The KIA K 900 is available in show rooms and the latest model will change the idea of KIA car quality.

Truly speaking, Kia has designed a marvelous automobile to revolutionize the past image of company. People are suspicious whether customers will invest 60,000 dollars to buy Kia car? The majority believes it incredible but the Kia has brought avant-garde change to increase the customers.

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