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Tips for Driving During Winters

There is perhaps no doubt that driving during winters can be dangerous and frightening for automobile drivers. You should be familiar with the rules that are applied during winter road emergencies. It has generally been recommended to be extra cautious when driving in adverse weather conditions. There are numerous tips that have recommended by the Kia Car Dealership in Rosenberg for driving during winters and this article will discuss some of those.

Ensure that you take extra rest before driving on the roads. Therefore, while you are tired, avoid driving because winter weather tasks also increase fatigue. Do not warm up your vehicle in places which are enclosed such as a garage. The tires should be inflated at all times. Do not mix up radial tires with other kind of tires. Ensure that the tank is always half-full so that there is no gas line freeze-up. Do not park your car in rainy, snowy and cold weather. Do not use cruise control when you are driving on a surface that is slipper by sand or ice. Look before you steer. Ensure that you always have the seat belt on while you are driving.


When you are driving for long distances during winters, ensure that you check out the weather reports of the areas that come part of your journey. When the weather is exceptionally bad, ensure that you can delay the trip. However, if you find it necessary to go, tell others before you leave, and give them information regarding the time of your arrival, your destination along with the route that you are going to take. Keep the gas tank at least 50% full during winter journeys. Your vehicle should be in optimal working condition. You should keep an emergency kit in your vehicle which has medicine supplies, blankets and hats.


Keep the necessary telephone numbers with you at all times. Stay inside your vehicle in case you are snow-bound because it can provide temporary protection and will make it easier for people to find your location. In case of a storm, do not walk. You can become lost when there is blowing snow. Do not exhaust yourself trying to dig your vehicle out o the snow. In case of an emergency, tie a bright colored cloth on the antenna to show distress. Keep on the dome light during the night if possible. You must ensure that exhaust pipe needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it is not blocked with mud, ice or snow. It could bring in the dangerous carbon monoxide gas inside of the car while the engine is running. Ensure that your body is properly insulated from the cold at all times using whatever is available such as paper maps, newspapers or floor mats. 


While driving in snow, ensure that you do not accelerate or decelerate too slowly. Do not move too much in a hurry. Drive slowly. Give yourself time on the road during winters. Know your brakes well so that you know the threshold braking. Keep steady pressure on the brake at all times. However, do not stop unless the situation completely demands you to. While driving on the hill, you should apply extra gas on roads which are covered with snow. Do not stop while you are driving up the hill. However, one of the best tips that the kia dealers Houston recommends that if the weather is exceptionally bad, stay at home. Do not tempt fate by going out unless it is absolutely necessary.

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