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What are the Most Recommended Driving Guidelines

Everyone must know driving tips to avoid heavy traffic, uncertain mishaps and to reduce the economical expenses. Here are the most helpful guidelines, which should be followed before driving:

1.  Driving becomes unsafe if you have not enjoyed proper sleep. It is terrible to keep yourself awake through excessive use of coffee or beverages. Initially, these drinks give energy and make you to feel active, however the consideration meander because mind cannot work attentively.

2.   Put all your stuff in the trunk to get space for rest. Moreover, the suitcases must be locked for the safety of expensive gifts.

3.   If the vehicle is hired on rent, check the system concerning horn, brakes and lights.

4.   Everyone must fasten the seat belt before the start of the drive.

5.   It is good to take some rest after 4 hours drive. Rest in fresh air or walk. Take some snacks to maintain your energy level.

6.   Invite one of your family member or friend and share the long hours of driving. It will help you to remain vigorous and take nap. Contrary to this, if you are alone, you can listen music or live radio with a little crack of windows open.

7.   In case of some rest, try to park your vehicle off the road. Never ever try to park your car on the edge of the road. It’s really dangerous at night.

8.  While driving, know the laws and do not act against the law. In some states, use of cell phone is not allowed while driving. Take a view of state law and do not violate the rules. In case, cell phones are allowed, use of hands free is best and safest option.

9.  Though most of the drivers know that alcohol is harmful and should not be used before driving a car. It makes the drinker sleepy and absent minded. These are really dangerous aspects.

10. Check the weather and plan your visit according to weather condition.

11. Check the traffic updates online related to your targeted place.

12. Side by side with the help of GPS unit, take some help from map and road atlas to enjoy a safe and trouble free journey.

13. Each state has a bit different state of law, so follow the traffic rules according to the area. Take notice of pedestrian rule and possibility of right turn at red traffic signal.

14. The tire quality, air pressure, fuel, fluid level should be perfect for a hassle free trip.

15. Always get the insurance of your car or become an active member of AAA.

16. Try to curtail excessive stops and starts. Do not overload the car with unnecessary stuff. Such precautionary measures are helpful to consume less amount of fuel.

17. Definitely, you have to drive for hours. It will be impractical to wait for refueling, till the gauge come on E. Try to refill the fuel when you consume a quarter of the gas tank.

18. While travelling with your kids, take short breaks for enjoyment and snacks.

19. The snacks should be purchased from grocery stores in spite of gas stations as it is much  economical.

20.  Keep blanket, pillow, napkin, cooler, plasticware for the long drive.

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