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Westside Kia >> Articles List >> What to do with a KIA Car In Case of Emergency

What to do with a KIA Car In Case of Emergency

Even with a vehicle like Kia, the owner can actually get stuck in situations of an emergency and often they do not have a clue what do. When driving Kia 2017 Cars Models emergencies could arise in any condition, so the driver should be ready to face them and should know what to do in an emergency. 


Hazard warning flasher

The hazard warning flasher serves as a warning to other drivers to exercise extreme caution when approaching, overtaking, or passing your Kia vehicle. 

It should be used whenever emergency repairs are being made or when the Kia vehicle is stopped near the edge of a roadway. Depress the flasher switch with the ignition switch in any position. The flasher switch is located in the center console switch panel. All turn signal lights will flash simultaneously. 

The hazard warning flasher operates whether your new kia luxury vehicle is running or not. The turning signals do not work while the hazard flasher is on. Care must be taken when using the hazard warning flasher while the vehicle is being towed. 

If the engine stalls at a crossroad or crossing, set the shift lever in the N (Neutral) position and then push the vehicle to a safe place. If your Kia vehicle has a manual transaxle not equipped with a ignition lock switch, the vehicle can move forward by shifting to the 2 (second) or 3 (third) gear and then turning the starter without depressing the clutch pedal. 

If a tire goes flat while you are driving, take your foot off the accelerator pedal and let the Kia car slow down while driving straight ahead. Do not apply the brakes immediately or attempt to pull off the road as this may cause a loss of control. When the Kia car has slowed to such a speed that it is safe to do so, brake carefully and pull off the road. Drive off the road as far as possible and park on firm, level ground. If you are on a divided highway, do not park in the median area between the two traffic lanes. 

When the Kia car is stopped, turn on your emergency hazard flashers, set the parking brake and put the transaxle in P (automatic transaxle) or reverse (manual transaxle). Have all passengers get out of the Kia car. Be sure they all get out on the side of the car that is away from traffic.  

In Case of Engine Overheating

Engine overheating can cause a loss of power and is indicated by the temperature gauge.

In such as case, make sure the air conditioner is off. If coolant or steam is boiling out of the radiator, stop the engine and call an Authorized Kia Dealer for assistance. If coolant is not boiling out, allow the engine to idle and open the hood to permit the engine to cool gradually. If the temperature does not go down with the engine idling, stop the engine and allow sufficient time for it to cool. The coolant level should then be checked. If the level in the reservoir is low, look for leaks at the radiator hoses and connections, heater hoses and connections, radiator, and water pump.

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