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Why Should I Use E Ethanol

As people become more aware of the damage that has been done to our planet and to the environment, questions have risen about what to do now to prevent further damage. E85 ethanol is the name that a fuel consisting of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline is called by in the United States. It’s less commonly found than E10 ethanol which is 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline; most likely because vehicles with specially designed engines (called flexible fuel vehicles) are needed to burn E85 ethanol while E10 can be used in most existing vehicles in the U.S.

Why should a person consider purchasing a flexible fuel vehicle and using E85 Ethanol? In addition to the benefits to the environment that are realized because a person using E85 Ethanol is decreasing the amount of toxins released into the air by using the much cleaner E85, it is a fuel that can (and is) refined in the United States which lessens the country’s dependency on foreign oil imports. E85 Ethanol is also less expensive than gasoline, usually around 30 percent less.

Ethanol E85 is made from starchy feedstock, with corn being its major ingredient. Since corn is already being grown at a tremendous rate in the Midwest, it also signals prosperity for farmers. To date, there are over 600 pump stations in the United States that supply E85 Ethanol. That may not seem like very many stations, but that is twice the number of E85 stations that were in existence two years ago. Because of the focus being given to the environment along with cleaner burning and renewable fuels, the number E85 pumps is expected to rise significantly in the next few years. Currently, the Midwest has the largest concentration of E85 pumps at about 400.

Right now, there are some states, like Florida for instance, where E85 Ethanol is not available for sale to the public. Instead, the fuel is reserved for purchase by Federal fleets. Fortunately, there is talk about adding more pumps to those states that are currently without them in the near future.

What do most people consider the biggest advantage of using E85? It’s that E85 ethanol is better for our environment. Not only does it reduce tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also burns clean because of its high oxygen content. In addition, it is also biodegradable and water-soluble. You know the smog you hate waking up to on some mornings? The fuel can also eliminate the smog by reducing the smog-forming pollutants at least by 15 percent.

Still, one may wonder what else sets Ethanol E85 apart from gasoline. Well, for one thing, the fuel itself has a reputation for offering high performance with a 100+octane rating, which rivals gasoline’s 87 octane rating. Those who use E85 Ethanol will attest that it gives a superb performance while also heightening horsepower.

The cost factor is also important in your decision to choose ethanol. Today, ethanol is currently being sold at prices approximately 35 percent lower than gasoline. But a person’s realized savings will be a little less than 35 percent because E85 typically has a slightly lower fuel economy than regular gasoline.

There is also a gas tax break/exemption on Ethanol that helps keep its price lower.

Even if you do not have a flexible fuel vehicle or have availability of E85 ethanol, seriously consider using E10 ethanol in your vehicle. E10 ethanol is widely available and is safe to use in most vehicles. And, even though it only contains 10 percent ethanol, it still releases fewer toxins into the air then regular gasoline making it a better choice for the environment. And, in order to help speed up the availability of E85 ethanol where you live, lobby your government representatives and let you know you want E85 available to you. And, the next time you go vehicle shopping, consider purchasing one of ever growing number of flexible fuel vehicles available.

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