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Why not a cold air intake

Squeezing more power out of your engine is not as difficult or as expensive a task as you might think. Performance chips, performance exhausts, and sport air filters are all easy to install parts that can help your car achieve greater horsepower and torque without sacrificing fuel economy. In addition, a cold air intake can go a long way toward helping your engine perform better without costing you a mint to install. Let’s examine why a cold air intake just might be the enhancement your car could use to achieve a greater level of performance.

So, just how does a cold air intake work? I am glad that you asked! A cold air intake fuel economy is designed to decrease the temperature of the air entering your car to take full advantage of your engine’s power. Colder, denser air acts like “food” for your engine, giving it the extra amount of power that it needs to perform optimally.

Are there other benefits of a cold air intake? Yes, namely two: a cold air intake enhances the look of your vehicle’s engine bay and it produces an awesome sounding “throaty” intake noise. The intake noise is what tells everyone that your car is not some ordinary stock car, instead you are making a statement that the noise coming from underneath your car’s hood matches the power and performance that they will see on the street.

Depending on the manufacturer you select, your new cold air intake is available in an assortment of colours including red, blue, silver, and chrome. Let’s just say that the colours developed are meant to draw maximum attention to your engine bay when you pop the hood for everyone to see!

When shopping for a cold air intake for your car, there are several things for you top keep in mind as you narrow down your selection. The following list can help you determine the cold air intake that is right for you:

Manufacturer – There are many companies producing cold air intakes, some are better than others. Injen and K&N are two that are preferred by the aftermarket crowd. Look for those /////

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