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Westside Kia – Kia Car Parts & Body Shop

At Westside Kia, we are always utterly concerned about the requirement of each and every customer. For our customers, we are not merely a car selling Houston Kia dealership, but we are even a specializing Body Shop as well. This means that no matter how challenging it might be, we always try our best to meet our customer’s expectations by providing them pristine Kia car parts and truck parts, each and every time a customer steps over to our dealership. We are highly committed to provide what our customers need, we are always ready to prove our excellence and we are always willing to serve our customers to the best!

The reason that our customers leave our body shop fully satisfied is because our staff is highly committed and dedicated to fulfill every need of our customer in regards of the service and their Kia automobile. Our Kia parts staff is always enthusiastic and eager to share their knowledge with the customers and keep a regular interaction with them so as to best satisfy them. Whether you have an inquiry or you wish to place an online order, the staff at our original Kia car parts and truck parts, department is always present to help the customers out whenever necessary.

Another ideal factor about our Kia parts dealership is that we provide Kia car parts and truck parts at wholesale prices and our customers are even encouraged to go through our online Kia parts catalog and inventory to get a good look at what we have to offer. We even offer to deliver the Kia parts directly to our customers’ doorsteps, all they need to do order for their required parts online on our website. Don’t forget to include Kia's VIN (vehicle identification number) of your vehicle, for us to be able to ship the right car parts to you.

If our body shop does have the required Kia car parts and Kia truck parts that does not mean you would be leaving empty handed because we make sure that we still get the parts our customer requires from somewhere else. Our body shop has all the necessary and advanced equipment that we even offer to install the newly purchased Kia parts into our customers’ Kia vehicles. Along with the Kia car parts and Kia truck parts, we provide quite a lot of parts like engines, wheels, rims, seats, transmissions, etc. which our customers and a lot of other accessories for the Kia automobiles of our customers. We make sure that the Kia parts we provide are all authentic and genuine so our customers obtain only the finest quality. We are always thriving that our customers are kept satisfied and never cheated from our side.

Serving our customers at all times is our biggest aim and goal. For someone who owns a high grade Kia vehicle, it is never advisable to go for cheap, fake Kia car parts and truck parts. Therefore, do not get cheated, our Kia dealership is always here to provide our customers in Houston with only genuine Kia parts which are the finest around

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